Chapter 4, page 46

Last week, having announced that I was going to start updating again, I was expecting to get maybe five or six comments. I got forty comments, plus a dozen or so emails. I seriously don’t think I’m ever going to stop being shocked and amazed at how much people have responded to this little comic. I’m really sorry if I don’t respond to every individual one; since they all generally boil down to “yay, more updates,” I just want to say thank you all so much. And thanks for reading. I feel like good things are in store.

This page was a little later going up than expected, because at the last minute I decided to rewrite Clare’s dialogue on this and the suceeding page. Of course, I had to rewrite in a way that would fit the existing word balloons, or else I’d have to redraw. And I had to reletter with the tablet, in such a way that the tablet-drawn letters matched the pen-drawn letters. Not that simple! Anyway, this is all just pointless whining to emphasize how I envy those who can write and edit their entire script before ever drawing a single page.

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