Chapter 4, pages 42, 43, 44 | 7 new fanart | 20 new fan icons

Um, hi. So. The way my life has been lately, I’ve found it easier to work on the comic when I think of it as something I do purely for my own enjoyment, without pressure to meet expectations. Unfortunately, this means that I’ve been neglecting you guys in terms of emails and posts, to say nothing of new pages. I’m very sorry about that. I apologize to anyone who might have worried I was lying in a ditch somewhere having my face chewed off by monitor lizards, and I’m deeply grateful to everyone for their patience and understanding these past months. It continually amazes me that even during the long dry spells people still think of the comic enough to send me emails and make fanworks, as evidenced by the gorgeous new pieces added to the gallery.

So, anyway, go read the new pages, and I promise that the next set will not take another three months. ^^;; To keep track of updates, as always, there’s the mailing list or the Livejournal feed, which doubles as an RSS feed.

Oh, and I’m afraid I’ve decided to take down the shoutbox. For comments and discussion, there’s still the forum; or, you can leave comments on the LJ.

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