So… remember when I mentioned that I had a new computer that refused to recognize my scanner? When I checked the HP website for support, it basically just said, “time to buy a new scanner, sucker!” As you can imagine, I was pretty disgusted with that prospect, when the old one was still working fine. So I attached the scanner to a different computer, used that to scan, and transferred the files to my computer for photoshopping. Well, as of last night the computer I was using for scanning is refusing to boot up. So… to make a long story short, the two pages I had ready to scan and was hoping to put up before Christmas are not going to be up. Not until this scanner issue is taken care of; hopefully before the new year. Sorry about that. -__-

That aside, I would like to take this time to wish everyone reading a warm and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and just plain good times all around. And while I wasn’t able to draw a card this year, please accept this as a token of my affection and ability to find dorky things on the internet.

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