Chapter 4, pages 23 & 24

So here I am again. I would say sorry for the lapse in updates, but it was quite necessary. Thanks for your understanding. I realize that schedule problems have turned a lot of people off this comic, and I can’t blame them; but to those who continue to stick around, I’m very grateful.

Further complications include the fact that I’ve had to get a new computer which, while shiny, lacks Dreamweaver and refuses to give my scanner the time of day. So I have to scan on a different computer, and type up all of this update in Notepad.

Anyway! A lot of you should be familiar with the works of Faith Hicks, of Ice and the late, great Demonology 101. (Way back when this comic was just starting out, I think almost everyone who read it found it through her links.) Well, she has a graphic novel out in print now, called Zombies Calling. It is all about being a young person facing all the difficulties and challenges of shambling undead hordes. I, for one, can’t wait to read it! Faith has been working on the story for a while now, and her stuff just keeps getting better and better. The Zombies Calling page has all the links to where you can read previews, order the book on Amazon, etc.

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