Chapter 3, page 77

Get over there!

Okay, better mention this first: Richard Pulfer who does the webcomic Hector has posted a short interview with me, in which I ramble on about stuff.

And so, this monster of a chapter is finally over! Which means it's HIATUS TIME, I'm afraid. I'm sorry about this, but a lot of things have been piling up which I really need to work on. A good number of these are directly related to the comic itself — for one thing, I really want to plan and write out the next couple of chapters thoroughly. With Chapter 3, my lack of planning often made it difficult to put out pages on time, since I would waste so much time agonizing about details of scenes and dialogue at the last minute. And the next chapters are looking to be even more complicated. ^^;;

I hope to start up Chapter 4 in December. Sometime between then and now, I'll be putting up the second Interlude, which I'm rather looking forward to. I'll also be updating various things on the site, as well as picking away at the site revamp. And I'll be working on that print compilation of the first 3 chapters, which I keep promising people. And… other things. To keep track of updates, there's the lj feed (which will follow all the site updates) and the mailing list over there to the left (which is just for new comic pages). In the meantime, if you're bored of all these delays, there's usually plenty of interesting activity on the forums. ^^

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