Second Interlude, pages 4 and 5

Get over there!

Um, Merry Christmas? Has it seriously been almost a month since I last updated? That wasn't supposed to happen. ^^;; That's the problem with this “update when I can” schedule; without set deadlines I spend way too much time dithering over things like details and shading. These pages took way too long.

Also, I get kinda sentimental this time of year, and I really wanted to express how amazed and thankful I am towards everybody who has been continuing to visit and read the comic and send emails and post in the forum despite the busted old site layout and the lack of updates. But, uh… I guess I can't really express it, so here, have a crappy Christmas card instead. :P Seriously, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, and for those who don't celebrate, a really great day.

You guys have sent in a lot of new fan work, but I'm afraid that will have to wait just a little longer. And I'll be out of town between Dec. 28 and Jan. 2, so the next update will probably be some time after that.

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