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Get over there!

A lot of stuff has been going on. As you might notice over on the left, aside from the Italian translation by Franco Bonalumi, the comic now has a German translation by Katharina Kolata, and a Japanese translation by Kaoru Nagatomo.

I've finally updated the backlog of fan stuff, including some amazing cosplay pictures that you should definitely check out. I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to put these up and to respond to emails.

Also, the Webcartoonist Choice Awards have started up again, and somehow or other No Rest has managed a nod for Outstanding Fantasy Comic, so big thanks to all the voters. “It's an honor just to be nominated” sounds like such a cliche, but I definitely mean it. ^_^ A lot of excellent contenders this year; congrats especially to Golden girls Komiyan and Keffria for multiple nominations!

And in the spirit of recognizing quality webcomics, I decided I had better get off my butt and finish revamping the links page already. Unfortunately, it isn't actually finished. -__- I was going insane from filling in all the little descriptions and trying to arrange everything by genre; so I decided that rather than continue to put it off until I got all the obsessive-compulsive details right, I'm just going to put up what I have so far. So, sorry about the mess and the big gaping potholes, but please take a look anyway and find some great comics you should be reading instead of this one!

I'm afraid life is going to continue to be a bit hectic for a while longer. I'm very grateful to all of you who continue to stick around. There are about four more pages to go in this interlude; and I don't want to start with Chapter 4 until I can manage regular updates again. I'm fairly eager to get to work on it, though; it looks like it will be shorter and less suspenseful than Chapter 3, but it will have some interesting moments.

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