Chapter 5, pages 14-15

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Clare, I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be doing that; I don’t think stainless steel has been invented yet.

And now here’s something extremely cool. For some time now, Tomoyo Ichijouji has been producing a video adaptation of the comic,  using the original  artwork with voice actors, sound effects, and music. (If you’ve seen the Watchmen “motion comics”, it’s something like that, except with a full voice cast, and also I am not Dave Gibbons.) Well, the first chapter is complete! I’m going to try to embed the video below. In case that doesn’t work, watch it on youtube here and leave comments to tell Tomoyo and co. what an awesome job they did. I’m told that Chapter 2 will be coming very soon!

  • Hydrall

    Woooahh! That video comic is awesome. Does justice to the story, I’d say.

    And the new pages are interesting.. Wonder if November is going to be able to keep up with this? Then again, she’s good at sensing intentions and such…

  • guest

    The video was pretty sweet. Awesome done by all involved.

  • Blackstrider2

    Thank you for your work!

  • Yamamoto Kou

    I really enjoyed that video comic! It reminded me just how great this story is since it’s been a very long time since I looked at the beginning!

    Gosh, I admit that I’d love to see this story go on to the equivalent of one of those epic novels~ (though more updates would be swell, I’m sure you’re already doing the best you can so please keep up the good work!)

  • Johnathan Johnson


    This is the composer for the video series, ProjectTrinity. Your world is pretty unique and whimsical with an undertone of darkness that made composing the music pretty darn interesting to say the least! Looking forward to covering the rest of your chapters. Each time should bring on better music. lol


  • Katharina Gerlach

    Loved it. I’m looking forward to the second chapter, and I’ll put it on my blog, too.

  • Booth G

    Her hand is Silver.

  • Blurf

    I’m blown away by the video, and I’m really happy to see the new comic up! I think that the voice actors in the video really did a phenomenal job – very professional. As always, I’ve enjoyed what you’ve done and look forward to what you’ll do next!

  • SmoothBreeze

    Way cool. Perfect!!!  really like this comic and I congratulate everyone all  who have made and are making it possible  : D

  • Alex Moran

    Well holy fuck that video.

  • Djiril

    Yay!  Another update!
    I can’t watch the video now, but I put the first one on my “watch later” list so I don’t forget.

  • Ali Lami Sosa

    Oh wow. That video was amazing! I turned it on just for a peep and ended up watching the entire thing. Can’t wait for the next Chapter!

  • Yashiro Vibez

    this motion comic is amazing. could I sense a No Rest animation in the works? I really enjoyed these voice actors.

  • Holly

    LOVE the video!! I’ve been following For The Wicked for a long time, and really enjoy seeing it brought to life!

  • Nekorin

    The video is really cool! :D

    But I’m also captivated by Clare in these pages. She plans to out-talk the devil? We’ll see how that goes. I like the swan boat that was waiting for them. XD

  • RoninNuRen

    Am loving this comic, also if I can ask a few questions(whether they’re answered or not, is ok) am wondering if for the future what would happen if Fearnot(I mean the Boy character trying to learn what fear is) interacted with Red? you know cause he’s somewhat fearless, &she with her tough exterior, that scares most, cause feels like she’d toss cold water on him to answer his question about the shudders,
    also being born a hopeless romantic, I will not ask, if whether or not He& November will end-up together in end, (up to you as the author to begin with) however would the thought of losing November be the thing that makes him know what fear finally is?
    thirdly will there be more fairy tail references(fairy tail characters/motifs) for the future? or is that either too much to have on their plate or just been done to death?

  • Throw_Away_Username

    I liked the insight about not asking directly. Too bad Puss & Boots isn’t here; he would know exactly what to say…

  • Rongon

    I randomly stumbled on this comic, and it’s fascinating piece of work. Video adaption is cool :D

  • NamesHavePower

    I’ve just stumbled upon this comics, and I must say that it’s a beautiful comic with great art and amazing story. I hope the artist will manage to finish it. I’ve read worse stories published on paper… This is seriously worth reading, and someone wealthier than I actually am could sure buy the entire comic books collection, if that were to be published. By the way, I once read Andersen fables and I think the author well captured the horror that was deep carved inside those “children’s tales”… They still give me shivers if I think about them.

  • RoninNuRen

    so am wondering when there’ll be more to come? just hope it’s soon in the future,

  • RoninNuRen

    if I may, isn’t that water technically mix with oil? you know cause they’re all way beneath the Earth’s surface,

  • Jonathan mjvl

    Are you ok Andrea? You usually drop out a few months at the time, but im getting a bit worried.

    • Silian

      She’s alive and kicking. Still updates on her Twitter and responds on Deviantart. It’s sad, but I fear she’s grown weary of this project, at least so much in that she won’t respond to readers here despite a healthy online presence… :(

  • Thought-Ripples

    Heya! Just wanted to say that I saw some cool fanart on tumblr for Red: Hope you’re doing well! I was chatting about your comic with some friends today, we all enjoy it. :)

  • freemage

    So I happened to run across the phrase “No rest for…” and I was reminded that I was reading this comic regularly, back in the day, and decided to see if it was updating again–I’d fallen off during the 2012 hiatus. And sure enough, there it is again! A lovely, delightful and moody series of updates. Hurray! And I read the whole thing, beginning to current, just to get refreshed….

    And then I noted the date of the last page. Ouch. Ah, well, I’ll check back periodically–your stuff is always worth the wait.

  • Snowflake

    I just got introduced to this comic last week, and read all of it in a binge.
    It’s beautiful, clever and charming, and I hope too see it continued someday.
    Bookmarked for periodic checking in.
    Thank you.

  • Ray

    A year has passed and I’m still waiting for an update. (:

    • Sara

      I second that! Please do pick this back up soon :D

  • Some Punk

    Take your time. I’m sure there is a reason why you haven’t updated your free comic. I hope you ain’t disabled or hurt in any way though.

  • French Vanilla

    Hi, I don’t suppose you could update soon? :D

    I just really love your comic, and I would like to see what happens next. Please don’t be one of those authors who just loses motivation to continue their story; those make me really sad. :/

  • Mythril_Sage

    Try looking up a service called Patreon. It’s a way for us fans to tip you for doing such great stuff! =) I hope to see more of your work again. It’s rather brilliant I think. ^_^

  • Jonathan Wint

    First time I seen this comic looking video first. I think she will marry the cat.

  • Ampersand

    I absolutely love this comic! If there’s anything we fans can do for you, please let us know!

  • Moriarty

    =crosses fingers for an update soon=

  • katarael

    This comic is great!!

  • Eve

    A friend told me I should go as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween – I immediately thought about Red. I think I’ll be doing your version of Red because I love love LOVE it.
    (amazing, amazing comic. it’ll always be a favorite)

  • Amanda Vance

    I think I picked this up in 2006, back in college. I still think about it on and off. I just reread it from the beginning, and I beg of you… More updates soon? Please!

  • Jossi

    Hi Andrea, just wanted to say I’ve been a long time fan. No matter how long it’s been, I still routinely check in. Hope all is going well with you! :)

  • Some Punk

    Y’all might as well give up…. the author may be have hit a snag….

  • Penelope

    So I just started this comic….

    It’s really good :) i should be studying for midterms, but I’m not lol. Then i hit the last page of the last chapter and was confused when i pressed ‘next’ and nothing changed. Good and bad, i guess. I do hope you continue this comic :D

  • Tynelad

    I started this comic yesterday and finished it just a moments ago. I found it really interresting and pleasant. Fairy tales sure are great.
    I hope you will soon resume the story.

  • Dragonoffight

    Any news?

  • Jonathan Blund

    I really miss this comic….

    • belovedbright

      I miss it too. I come back every so often hoping it’s come back.

  • Alice Hansen

    I’m rather late to the party, but I enjoyed your comic very much! And, I apologise, I feel lame giving advice to strangers, but I can’t help but feel that you put too much pressure on yourself with your New Years resolution, and perhaps you felt that you couldn’t keep up with the demands you placed on yourself. I could be off base here, I don’t know, but I do know that every artist works at their own pace and your fans would be more than happy for updates even if they are only once in a great while. Anyway, that’s all, au revoir x

    • Chari

      Yes! Any pace is fine, I check back every once in a while and see I’m not the only one. Do whatever pace you can, Andrea, and we’ll gladly check by for whatever you post.

  • JP

    Hello everyone. Just finished re-reading the archive, after a long time, to find there are no new updates; such a pity, is a very good webcomic. Andrea, if you’re reading this, know you’ve made an excellent webcomic and it would be really nice if you were to retake the project. Just hoping this domain doesn’t expire and the archive becomes lost.

  • E. Morgan

    I still think about (and reread) this comic often…. Really hope Andrea starts it up again.
    Also, I’m learning German and the German translation is great fun and practice for me :D Cheers to whoever translated it

  • Mythril Sage

    Will you start a Patreon account for this comic Andrea? You still have fans who love your work and would support it!

    • Chari

      Hear hear!

  • mimoi

    Please start this comic again. Take your time if you must, anytime you want to start it again, we’ll be waiting :) .

  • Fox

    Just read this story in a day. I really enjoyed it and I’m very picky. Also watched the youtube videos both are excellent.

    Because there is no ending I have created my own. September finds and raises the moon, Red gets psychological help, and Clare and her husband make up. The cat? Well he does what ever he pleases.

    Any one know what happened to the creator?

    • Fox

      That should be November not September

  • Chari

    Andrea, your work has such a spark to it. I’m an artist myself, master’s degree and all that sort of thing, and I must say, your work has been inspiring and entertaining. Truly inspiring — the kind of work that encourages others to bring their own dreams to life, as you can so clearly see by Tomoyo Ichijouji’s adaptation. I hope you are well and can come back to it someday.

  • /|/|ichael

    I remember binge reading this after pulling my first and only all-nighter for a lab in first year. This webcomic brings back some warm memories.

  • Wildcat101

    This is a wonderful fic, and more would be a fantastic gift to your readers…but knowing that you are still alive would also be a good thing. And hopefully an easier request to fill.

  • Amanda Vance

    Miss this :(

  • pylgrim

    Yeah I miss this as well.

  • Denis

    Hello daedalus this is Denis
    What append to Kellilla Yarwood’s website ; SunDownerComic ?
    Is it terminated ? / I know it is 2019 but, can you put it back up ?
    What is she doing right now ?
    Can I have her E-mail (to help her whit-it)?
    And also your contact link do not function