Chapter 4, pages 1 & 2

Get over there!

Missed it by several hours, but April 20 was actually the comic's 4th anniversary. (I'm going to be so old when this thing is finished.) And so we begin Chapter 4. The bottom half of page 2 turned out to be quite unlucky. First, it was the victim of a vicious feline attack, and had to be drawn on a seperate piece of paper. Then, I had to draw and redraw that hand in the third panel about 5 times, and I still hate it. Even the dialogue gave me trouble. All in all, not a very auspicious start, but I hope to do better once I get back in stride.

Now, I'm very excited about going back to regular updates on the comic. However, among other things, it seems my thesis work is not actually done until sometime next month. So, while my goal is to update once every week, the update day may fluctuate. Please bear with me for now. Next update will be Friday or Saturday.

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