Chapter 5, page 12

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  • Nekorin

    Is that Charon?

    Nothing builds anticipation like a ride on a Hell boat. :3 I love Perraults expression like “I know this ain’t really free.” XD

  • Jonathan(SWE)

    I am tired,  can you take over rowing for me?
    …and then your stuck to forever row the boat… …not that the smartest cat in the land will fall for that right?

    mm, yes, mix in more stories in the story.

  • Msokolow

    Charon charges you, Nekorin. You have to put a coin between your lips to pay the fare. No, I think Jonathan is right on this one.

    • Nekorin

      I’m not familiar with the story Johnathan is referencing, but it sounds more like a fairy tale, so he’s probably right…

  • ElBandito

    God I love the scenery in this chapter!

  • Djiril

    Yay!  New comic!

  • Scatty

     Can’t wait to see where this is going.