Chapter 5, pages 10-11

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I’m going to try doing a one-page update next week.

A few months ago, when the site got infected by some spambot script and I was desperately scrambling to scrub it clean, I ended up deleting the entire forum. Prior to that, the forum had long been overrun by spambot posters. I guess now what I’m wondering is if anyone would be interested in a new forum? I have very fond memories of the community that formed on old No Rest forums; but I’m not sure if webcomic forums is something that people still do (wow I sound old). Blog comments seem like less fuss. But maybe people would prefer something more conducive to discussions? I don’t know.

  • Ecclesiastes

    I didn’t participate on the forums, but I suspect their answer would be the same as mine: whatever encourages you to continue.

  • romnempire

    make a subreddit.  forums type easymode.

    • andrael

       Hmm, I’ve never really used/frequented reddit before… I suspect that learning the ropes of a new site might be more difficult than just making another forum. But thanks for the suggestion, I’ll keep it in mind.

      • romnempire

        it’s surprisingly easy, actually.  no config files, no updating software, no worrying about permissions, a very contained spambot menace.  it’s not very scalable, as having subforums or filters isn’t supported very well, nor very portable, and search is rudimentary, but if all you really is a big pot of posts sorted by newness and popularity and the ability to delete things, it’s so barebones I can’t imagine it taking more than a day to learn in full.  moderation duty sharing is pretty simple, so as long as there’s community interest, there need not be a ‘forum graveyard’.

        there are certainly reasons to ignore reddit, but, yeah, keep it in mind.  as a fan of both i think it’s a good idea.

  • ScatachTheShadow

    AW YISS!! So happy to see an update!

  • Nekorin

    I do miss quite a few people from the old forum… (Then again, there are others I don’t miss…)

    I’d sign up if there was a new forum, but I don’t know about a subreddit as the other person recommended… I make a point to avoid that place. Not enough free time, you see…

    Interesting situation in these new pages… Red looks great in her descent on the latest one. But before that, when she shoves Perrault, I can’t quite tell what her face is doing…

    Anyway, I’m rooting for Perrault. XD

    • andrael

      Haha, yes. I haven’t avoided reddit as such, but I find it a little intimidating.

  • Elizabetonth

    I didn’t post either, but I’d definitely sign up to a new forum.  And webcomic forums are ABSOLUTELY something that people still do!  Look at the Goblins forum – it’s heaving.  I think comments at the bottom are fine until it gets busy, which, this webcomic being one of the most fantastic ever written, it obviously will really fast.  Then it’s useful to have a forum with threads.  It’s so, so nice to have you back, Andrea.  This was the first webcomic I ever followed, back when it was at the beginning, Red hadn’t appeared, and I had no idea how to even start doing things like commenting, or realised it was something people did, and I have loved it from the first page I read.  I agree with Nekorin – I think a subreddit sounds harder to keep following than a forum, because once you get stuck, you’re stuck, so it’s easier to just avoid it.  Frankly, though, I suspect that whatever you do, we’ll keep commenting, (particularly now I know how!) and form a community again, and try to show you how much we appreciate what you’re doing.  

    • andrael

       Thank you! (Wow, you have been reading a long time!) I guess I’ll probably wait a bit more and see if comments get to the point where forums would be more useful.

  • Katharina Gerlach

    Whatever you need to keep going. I’ll be updating the German version this month — promised. I’m truly happy that you decided to get going again. I’m eager to read the rest of the story. Don’t give up on us. This is one of the most imaginative twists on fairy tales I’ve read in a while.

    • Katharina Gerlach

       OK, the German site is up to date again. I’m looking forward to more pages.

    • andrael

       Thank you so much for your work on the German version :)

  • Kako42


  • Jonathan(swe)

    Your back! Yay! I was starting to worry about you!
    If you want to start a new forum may i suggest looking into phpbb? A lot of other webcomics are using it, ats it easy way to get rid of spambots. That or keenspot, that you can just notify and they will fix any problems for you.

    I still love your comic :-)

    • andrael

      Thanks. :) Yes, it was a phpbb forum I had before, so if I installed a new one it would probably be phpbb again.

  • Diamondoll1985

    I’m nota very reliable forum user, but I love your comic and will be here till the last. Whatever you do I’m sure will be fine and I’ll try to participate.

  • Wisher

    Hooray! You’re back! :) To be honest, this was also one of my first webcomics and I didn’t even know you could participate in the forums and such. Personally I prefer the comment system, as it seems to keep things from getting too off track and keeps things pretty streamlined. Though a new forum might be nice too!

    Love the comic, as always. Looking forward to more!

  • AlaraMorningstar

    I’m honestly glad you’re back. I’ve been reading your webcomic since you started, and mostly lurking on the forums. I was sad when you suddenly disappeared for a long time. Worse, my computer crashed and I lost the site for a while. Honestly seeing a webcomic I love seemingly come back from the dead makes me smile…so I read all the new updates at once. lol  It’s great to see you back, with or without a forum. The blog comments may be less of a fuss but there’s also less interaction.   Either way, glad your back and I look forward to seeing what happens.

  • Djiril

    I would like to see the forum come back if other people are interested.

    • Nekorin

      At last a familiar face! I wonder how Markie is doing… Dwellerbythesea, AnimeV… So many others. ’twas quite a time! I’m hoping to see everyone again. :)

  • Succorelle

    This update was excellent! Thank you for continuing this lovely comic. <3

  • Boo

    If there was a forum, I know I’d be asking everyone who they’d rather find November first,  Red or Perrault. 

  • lalala

    i have followed this comic for a while and i love it; please don’t ever give up on it!! thank you for keeping at it :) :) :)

  • ACarlssin

    You could join a multi-comic forum, such as Crosstime Cafe. It’s been my experience that a single webcomic will usually not have enough followers to get a good healthy forum going, even if it’s really popular. But multi-comic forums tend to do all right.

  • Kuro Rei

    Wow. I remember reading this comic a long time ago. I think I was still in high school back then. Glad to see it has been dusted off again. Good thing there’s an entry on the She Cleans Up Nicely page of TVTropes.

  • Anime

    Oh my goodness, I remember the forums (no longer go by Anime in any place). A lot of fun, and I kinda miss some of the people from there. I don’t know if I’d have a lot of time, but I’d sign up to give it a whirl. Shame the old one’s gone. Always glad to see comic pages go up.

    • Nekorin

      And happy I am to see you lurking around!