Chapter 5, pages 8-9

Trivia: the trees in this chapter were loosely inspired by Kay Nielsen’s illustrations.

If you haven’t been following my art tumblr, I’ve posted more of those weird character dream comics: one for Perrault and one for Red. I still have a couple more of these in the works.

  • Kaylkinn

    OMG I’m so glad you’ve updated! I must say that this is one of my favorite webcomics and I get so happy when i get an email saying you’ve updated!

  • Hydrall

    Huzzah, it’s here, it’s here! Always overjoyed to see more from you, good sir! 

    I’m gonna guess Red’s going to have been thinking exactly that.

  • Wanderingai

    Thank you for the update!

  • Geoff

    Good to see you’re alive!  It still warms me to see an update here :)

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    An update!? Thank you so much! It’s been a while. :D Everyone’s looking well, for now anyway.

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    Yay!!!!!! :D

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    It would be nice if, when you posted more than one page,  you posted a link to the first, so we don’t risk seeing spoilers as we see the last page and page backwards.

    • andrael

       The thumbnail image in the blog post links to the start of the new pages (page 8, in this case).

  • Someone

    You have no idea how happy it makes me to see this comic coming back to life. Even through the long hiatus, No Rest For The Wicked kept its place as one of my favourite webcomics. I never lost hope of seeing you take back this project.

  • Miriam S

    Yay! New pages! 
    Even though the updates take awhile, this webcomic is absolutely worth the wait. And getting two pages makes me feel slightly spoiled.

  • Lydiarobin

    Ooooh the (imagined [in my ridiculous mind]) sexual tension ;D I ship those two heehee!
    Anyway, GREAT to see more pages, I check in everyday (I don’t have much in the way of lives) but I haven’t been able to use the internet for over a week and I was SO EXCITED to see updates here!

  • Jennifer

    Hooray!  ^^   I just love your art…and just sayin’, your lettering is great.  It has personality, much better than the sterile computer font I use.  ;P 

    Can’t wait to find out where those boats will take them…  Good thing there are two so Puss and Red can follow.  Hope Puss doesn’t mind water!

  • Thewriterofdreams-live

    Can I get a huzzah? :)

    Your artwork is simply lovely, and your characterization always makes me smile. Hats off to you! …if I had multiple hats on.

    One last thing you should probably know: the “contact” button on the home page does not appear to be functional at the moment. I do have some fanart if you get around to fixing that…



  • Redwall

    Yes!  I’ve been reading for years and hadn’t checked back in awhile.  Glad to see updates are going again.  Love your work and hope to see much more.

  • Tracender02

    Why isn’t this one of the best webcomics in the world!?
    I just love how this story goes!

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    Oh wow, I haven’t gone to this in awhile…. Just randomly remembered it while playing Diablo 3. (It’s that memorable it seems.) And a few pages up, I love it. Please keep it up. 

  • Shara

    Kyaa. I love your comic! I hope to see new updates. So bookmarking this XD Absolutely love how the story is going so far and can’t wait to see whether or not the princes meet November and her gang. Gosh, this is good.

  • Shara

    I love this, looking forward to the next pages :)