Chapter 5, pages 6-7

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The story of the girl who turned into a raven is from the Grimms, who also had a story of seven brothers who turned into ravens. (So no, the raven thing is not solely based on my obsession with Princess Tutu. :P )

Revamps for the rest of the website haven’t progressed much, but at least I managed to get rid of that malware/adware that kept redirecting people (I think) (I hope? Please let me know if you still have problems accessing the site). In the meantime, I’ve posted a weird November comic on tumblr, with several more characters to follow. And please check out this elegant Red fanart by ValDeCreez.

  • Laura Holt

    I hadn’t checked since March about this comic, then I had a dream last night about it, so I flipped on my computer this afternoon and lo and behold an update today.  Kinda spooky!

  • Mary


    To be sure, she’s grown up since then, but stll — her poor mother.

  • Nerija S.

    Seven for a secret never to be told…
    Now I understand that song, “Magpie,” by Patrick Wolf :)
    Also, little November is adorable.

  • Hydrall

    This keeps happening- This… This update thing! :O It’s strange and new and different, I’m scared.

    I liked this flashback- Seeing November before she got magicinsomnia is interesting, and its fun to see her acting like an actual kid. Though, I imagine her reason for recalling it is rather less for nostalgia and more for trauma. :P

  • Alexander Scott

    Its good to see this interesting project updating again. I wonder, though, whether it would be possible to add a link from the front page to the start of the current chapter? Since the update schedule is somewhat irregular, this would allow readers to reacquaint themselves easily with the current state of the story, without needing to go through the entire archive.

  • Mischugenah

    You updated!  Yay!!

  • Raymou

    I’m a terribly silly man. I guess I truly adore this comic, I got tears at the corners of my eyes, just because you’re updating again.  

  • CyberSkull

    New site is pretty damn spiffy! :D

  • Arli

    Thank you :)
    i LOVE your comic and all the work you put into it is just amazing im very glad your updating and I cant wait to see how this ties in with the present as there where tons of ravens im very excited

  • Thealmightyrob

    Holy crap, I had lost hope that this comic would ever update again. I’m so happy you’re back!

  • Embracing madness

    Brilliant. Utterly brilliant. I went back a few pages to take another look at how they jumped into the underground cave, and gods the ravens creeped me out just as much now as they did when I first saw them a couple months back. The tension’s sending goosebumps up my spine, and I really can’t wait to see how all these clues come together. Just gotta say, you have the most amazing talent at melding all these fairy tales together into such a thrilling world. I’ve never seen anything like this!

  • PaigeSea

    I’m so glad this is updating! I like it when Red and Perrault interact, I kind of imagine some secret affection between them for some reason :)
    The comic’s just so fun, and detailed in a carefree way… More please!

  • Zhabishe

    First of all, thank for your awesome work. I learned about your comic somewhere in 2010 and still was wondering if some new stuff is coming. And now it’s finally here! Your characters, style, story – it all makes me feel, what they feel and kinda be there, in dark woods at moonless nights. That’s just brilliant.

  • Marla

    Super stoked for updates again. :D This is great. Everything seems to be working, also.

  • Justine

    I’ve been checking sporadically throughout the past few years for updates – so glad this is back up and running! Definitely going to reread the archives.

  • THK

    OMG it’s back! I am so glad you started posting again!

  • Squirrel

    Just so you know, your link to “Between Two Worlds” is broken. The actual link is .

    I love your comic.

  • esk

     Welcome back!  Your comic is brilliant and I’m so happy to see it updating again.

  • Joe

    OMG I love this comics! So glad to see you’re back!!!!!

  • Fojane96

    Welcome back :)

  • Ellie

    OMG, I thought this comic was never going to continue! I’ve been so sad about that; I LOVE this comic!  I’m so pleased to see you’re up and about again. ^_^

  • Ellie

    Oh… I just finished catching up, and I think I know now what happened to Claire’s baby. :(

  • Benjamin Manry

    As ever, spectacular. Please keep drawing.

  • Eludyaquinn

    Hello!  I can’t even remember the last time I checked this comic, probably in mid-2011, but I’m so glad to see you’re updating again!  I love your story and your art!

  • Anon

    I’m happy to see this comic starting up again.  I came across it a couple of years after the last update and was worried that it would never finish.

  • Kuriyente

    You have no idea how much you’ve made me happy. Seeing this comic alive and about, and with a new web design… im really impressed! Most webcomics that went on hiatus never came back, but you did! Thanks :D

  • Luri

    Oh my gosh yes there are updates yes yes yes.

  • Beth


    …you didn’t update the livejournal list for when new pages were up. :(

  • Smitchnich

    I remember when I first found this comic I read it through two or three times because it was just so good!  I’m really glad you’re updating again. =D

  • Ojuice7620

    I’m so happy you’ve started updating again! This story is so creative, the characters are enjoyable, and the art style is wonderful! Can’t wait for another update :)

  • Jennifer

    I must say these are delightful!  I love your characters, your art, the way you bring new meanings into the old stories, the humor–beautiful.  These strips gave me an enjoyable couple of hours, but the story they tell will stay with me for years.   :)

  • HeiBai

    I’m so glad you’re back! Your comic is one of my favorites. It’s so well written. (I’ve probably already said something to this tune a while ago.)