3rd Interlude, page 1

I didn’t realize that I had said Saturday (the 7th) would be the new page. For some reason I thought the 7th was a Sunday. At any rate, I didn’t manage to finish the page by Sunday either. But here it is now!

Way back at the start of the comic, I promised no blatant pop culture references. I broke that in the very first chapter with Perrault’s “these boots are made for walking” line. Now I’m breaking it again with the title of this Interlude, a line which has been a source of soul-searing anguish and frustration for so many children from my generation. I’ve been looking forward to doing this Interlude for a while; hope you enjoy it.

I still have a bunch of emails to answer; thank you for being patient! And if anyone is interested, I do actually have a Twitter; I’ve decided to start posting updates there as well.

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